We Free Kings II – CD


Released in November of 2014, Third Stream recorded a CD sequel to their famous Christmas-themed We Free Kings cassette tape.


“George Orwell predicted gloomy days in 1984, but he forgot one positive thing. That year Third Stream would release We Free Kings, their Christmas recording. Yes, in the tradition of all great musicians—Bing Crosby, Elvis, Phil Spector, The Chipmunks—Third Stream gave us some choice Christmas songs, with some of our favorite characters, including Frosty (a snowman) and Rudolph (a red-nosed reindeer).

Available only on cassette, We Free Kings sold out by 1986, and soon was forgotten as Jim, Jim, Tom, and John moved on to other projects. Forgotten, that is, until recently, when a woman called frantically searching for another copy. Her family, she told the band, couldn’t celebrate each holiday season without listening to We Free Kings, and their tape finally had worn out. By then, whoever does the band’s filing had lost track of the original master, and Third Stream didn’t even know if any copies still existed. (I of course have mine, but I’m not giving it up.)

Happily, the group decided to re-record the music, and thus We Free Kings II has been born (in the studio, not in a manger). A CD this time, with all the songs from the cassette, plus four bonus tracks including Christmas City, a Third Stream original. Enjoy We Free Kings II, and make it a part of your own family’s holiday traditions.”

—Richard Sassaman

(CD released in November 2004)


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