Strohman Says — CD


Released in December 2014, this audio CD recording features Greg Strohman performing in harmony with himself on various combinations of trombones and pianos.



While I have always enjoyed collaborating with many other musicians, the recording studio created for me an opportunity that could never have existed elsewhere: a completely integrated musical performance. The idea first came to me in the Fall of 2013 as I was beginning my final year as a doctoral student at Temple University in Philadelphia. By this time, I had developed largely separate careers as a trombonist, pianist, and arranger/composer. I began to imagine ways in which I could tie all of it together. After contemplating many possibilities, I eventually settled on this idea of an all-encompassing recording project.

Strohman Says is the product of nearly a year of planning and preparation. Each piece was carefully transcribed, arranged or composed specifically so that all the parts could be recorded one-at-a-time. This often required a unique recording process for each track to ensure synchronization. In many instances, particularly for extended rubato passages, this made any type of significant editing practically impossible.

Perhaps the most significant challenge was in synthesizing an entirely digital concert hall, since non-simultaneous multi-tracking in a physical concert hall merely multiplies the ambient noise of the room. We created this synthetic hall via meticulously sampled multidimensional convolution reverb of a real concert hall, sound imaging technology, and many hours of careful listening, adjusting and fine tuning.

Strohman Says is dedicated to each of my most influential former teachers/mentors: Pat Walter, Mike Chabitnoy, James Erdman, Matthew Vaughn, Amy Yocklovich, Dennis Sweigart, Rodney Miller, Scott Eggert, and Maurice Wright.”

—Greg Strohman

(CD released in December 2014)

Digital versions of Strohman Says can be downloaded and/or streamed from CD Baby, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon Music, and Google Play. Please feel free to enjoy some excerpts from Strohman Says using the music player below:


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