In Our Prime – CD


Recorded in March of 2001, In Our Prime features the combined talents of Steph Rudolph on piano and Tom Strohman on woodwinds. They are joined by Bill Goodwin on drums and Steve Varner on bass.


“I fell off the Dorsey Band bus in 1978 with a two month contract to perform at the Holiday Inn Town’s Dauphin Lounge. We had been in Harrisburg playing a concert at The Forum, the local state theater, and were staying at the Holiday. While practicing in the hotel the new manager heard me play and invited me to perform there regularly.

After giving Buddy Morrow the two weeks notice, I returned with a trio and featured guest artists six nights a week. The gig lasted for almost two years and was the best paid school I ever attended. Backing up the greatest musicians in the world every night was a thrill and a serious challenge. Featured artists included Bob Mintzer, John Von Ohlen, Joe Lovano, Ira Sullivan, Cal Collins, Eric Kloss, Jr. Cook, Frank Smith, Sal Nistico, Al Kiger, Johnny Coles and many more.

Shortly after arriving in Harrisburg, I was asked to go hear a “local” band. The group Third Stream was performing an afternoon concert at a summer camp facility and the featured soloist was Tom Strohman. I remember wondering what an artist of his stature was doing living around Central PA. (Little did I know that I would end up staying here for all these years!) Shortly after hearing him, I invited Tom to play at the Holiday and we struck up a relationship that has grown through the years. We last recorded together in 1980 on the Just Friends and Just Friends Again albums that featured some of the area’s best musicians.

This recording, In Our Prime, is way overdue. Hopefully we won’t procrastinate as in the past and we’ll turn out another one in the next few years. Otherwise, we might have to call the next one – In Our Assisted Living Quarters.”

—Steve Rudolph

(CD released in March 2001)


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